Laser welding with filler material


LaserComercial 13/07/2021

Laser welding is becoming more and more popular. It offers grandes ventajas y resultados en trabajos de soldadura. Many companies are beginning to replace other welding machines with a laser machine. Laser welding allows many applications with or without filler wire.It is a manual process that does not require a lot of experience on the part of the welder. laser welding machines work with a fiber laser and there are different powers in different models of laser equipment to choose from.

The use of filler wire in laser welding

With the laser welding machine we can work with or without filler wire on different metalsIt will depend on several factors that we choose one option or another. If we focus on the work with the filler material when welding with laser, we can highlight:

  • Improve the quality of the weld joints by eliminating air and avoiding unbalanced spaces of the pieces that we work with.
  • In robust and thick welds,we will achieve resistant and quality joints.
  • Avoid cracking or the creation of solidification cracks in some welded materials. We will avoid cracking and improve the quality of some welds with an aluminum filler wire.
  • Improve the aesthetics and the final result of welding. We can avoid cuts in the weld bead and improve mechanical properties.

When working with filler material, to achieve satisfactory results.. The speed of the welding wire must be properly configured,depending on the thickness of the welded material and the speed at which the person wants to work. It will also depend on the type of welding we are doing. Normally, when using welding wire the work will be slower, but it will depend on the material and the thickness of the piece.

It is important to use the correct amount of filler wire for the job. An excess of filler material can provoke an unstable and inadequate fusion and cause protrusions on the weld surface and porosities within the fusion, giving as a result low quality welds.

With the correct amount of wire and speed you will ensure the correct penetration depth, weld width and bead height.


The feeder

The laser welding machines of LaserComercial can work with an accessory known as a feeder. It is a device that is connected to the laser machine with a cable. This feeder is attached to the welding gun with a fixture that joins the wire with a metal tube and with the gun of the laser machine. You can regulate the speed at which the filler wire comes out and other parameters.There are also different welding filler wire widths. In each job or application, one type of filler wire or another will be better. The wire welding feeder has two models of rollers:

  • Two rollers with 0.8mm and 1mm grooves
  • Two rollers with 1.2mm and 1.6mm grooves

These rollers must be installed in the feeder to work properly and the wire to advance properly in the welding job.

Types of nozzles for welding with filler material

The laser welding gun counts with interchangeable nozzles.When welding with filler material there is only one type of nozzle. Nevertheless, you can choose between 4 different models of the same type of nozzle, one for each diameter of the filler wire. These are grooved nozzles, and this groove is used to guide the wire towards the center of the laser beam. We must, first of all, change the nozzle for one that works with filler material, choosing a measure compatible with the welding wire to be used.

The focal length of these nozzles is at the top of the gas and laser exit tube, entering it inward.

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