How to remove paint effectively without using chemicals


LaserComercial 30/07/2021

In many industries, cleaning paint is a problem, as it is sometimes difficult to achieve a good result effectively. Over time, different solutions have been developed to clean paint such as the use of some chemicals. But the latest technology in cleaning is the laser. With a laser cleaning machine we will avoid using polluting and expensive chemicals. Laser cleaning enables us to clean accumulated paint on different materials such as metals, stone, bricks, etc.

Why choose laser cleaning?

At this point, many people will wonder why the laser technology is the solution for cleaning paint. By using some other cleaning processes to remove paint we could damage the material, instead, with laser cleaning this does not happen. We can increase the useful life of our structures and materials.

Manufacturers spend a lot of time preparing materials for painting or applying new coatings.This slows down the production process and sometimes the new layers do not have a good adhesion because of the impurities on the surfaces. The laser cleaning laser cleaning applied to the paint cleaning is widely used to remove coatings and layers of paint to apply others again and get them to have better adhesion.

laser beam is concentrated on the material we want to clean with an energy density slightly higher than the paint ablation threshold, but lower than the ablation threshold of the material we are working on. In this way, the paint is being removed without damaging the material. This process can be carried out on most metals, although it is mostly carried out on different types of steel or aluminum.

The laser cleaning machines are configurable, so they can be adjusted to clean paint layer by layer. There are different models of different powers (100W, 200W and 500W) so that each user can find the one that vest suits for their work.

Laser cleaning machines are very versatile and can clean different types of dirt. These equipments could be easily integrated into a production line. In addition, they do not generate pollutants and using them we avoid using chemicals. So, it is a safe process for the user and eco-friendly.

Other laser cleaning options.

The truth is that the laser would also serve to remove other types of impurities and dirt.Through the ablation process, the laser blows all dirt and impurities out of a material.

Laser cleaning machines are quite versatile, they allow us to also clean:

  • Rust removal. Rust can be easily removed, after this process the surface can be restored to a shiny metallic color or the original base color restored.
  • Laser oil cleaning: oil cleaning of the metal surface or accumulated grease in motors or similar parts.
  • Pickling of materials. With the laser cleaning machine we can strip different materials to remove their impurities.
  • Removal of aluminum alloy titanium alloy, copper alloy oxide film
  • Preparation and treatment of materials for weldingWith laser cleaning we can clean and prepare materials to be welded and thus achieve better quality and more resistant welds.
  • Weld cleaning. Elimination of marks that may remain on welds or oxide films.
  • Mold cleaning. Laser cleaning can also be used to clean mold.

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