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LaserComercial 16/08/2021

For most welders, even for experienced welders, welding aluminum can be challenging. Welding correctly this material and getting fine and resistants welds requires high knowledge of different techniques. Usually it could be welded with TIG or MIG but there is a technique that will allow us to achieve better welds: laser welding. This technique using laser beam is the latest innovation in welding. We are going to know in detail why laser welding is suitable and recommended for welding aluminium easily.

Why is aluminum welding difficult?

The use of aluminum in the manufacture of different products is very common in different industries. It's a material that permits us get aesthetic products with good quality and no corrosion. Aluminum is insulated by a tough, oxidized layer.

Aluminum can be difficult to weld because it is very sensitive to impurities and bubbles can easily be produced if too much heat is added. This can reduce its strength. In addition, it is a material that has very high thermal conductivity and lower melting point, this makes it difficult to weld properly because it is easily deformed. Some welding techniques produce a lot of heat, causing rapid deformation of aluminum materials and products. As aluminum is covered with a layer of oxide, it melts at a different temperature than aluminum itself, adding difficulties when working with this material. The options and welding techniques for aluminum are very few compared to other materials.

On the other hand, welding aluminum can mean working with different thicknesses, and the welder must know very well how to work the different thicknesses.

Welding aluminium easily with laser

Laser welding it is a faster and easier process than other welding techniques. A laser welding machine it allows us to make narrow and concrete welds, but with great depth, this means that the thermal contribution on the material is little and consequently, it does not deform. Depending on the power with which we work (1500W or 2000W) we can achieve greater depth in our welds and acquire a stable keyhole weld.

Another factor that convinces many users regarding laser welding is the speed at which we can work. Con la soldadura láser, el soldador decide a que velocidad trabajar and configures the machine to suit your speed.

With this welding technique, we do not need to polish afterwards and it does not leave weld marks. The welder can choose work with or without input of material, depending on the finish and welding that we want to achieve. The contribution of material in laser welding can be very adequate to reduce the cracking that would occur in some thicknesses of the aluminum plates.

In conclusion, laser welding machines allow minimal heat input on the material, very specific weld bead with little width, high speeds and a lot of depth if required.

In addition, laser welding machines allow us weld properly other types of materials such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, titanium or brass. They are very versatile machines that can facilitate work in many sectors and industries.

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