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Every year new regulations are approved in order to reduce work accidents as much as possible. In this Blog we will focus on the new regulations that focus on the industry of compressed air cylinders. This type of bottles can be used in many sectors such as diving companies or metallurgical industries that use this type of container serve for certain functions.

In some cases, it is mandatory that some code is marked on the compressed air cylinders. The regulations that are not followed can cause very serious problems for a company. For this reason, the compressed air cylinder industry has to search for alternatives to solve this type of problem. We can find different alternatives for this type of work but with different disadvantages such as high prices or poor quality of the result. On this occasion , LaserComercial offers a viable and economical long-term solution.


The regulations about pressure bottles estipulates that each bottle must by law have the password, the CE marking on its surface and must also have the following inscriptions with notable marks and a high degree of durability.

These markings will be placed on the top of the bottle, in a reinforced part of the bottle or on the bottle neck label, which will be permanently attached to the container by means other than welding.

General marks.

  • Gas name.
  • Manufacturer’s mark.
  • Manufacturing number.
  • Hydrostatic test pressure (kg/cm2).
  • Capacity (of water in litres).
  • Hydrostatic test date (month and year).
  • Contrast of the expert who carried out the test.
  • Symbol W for bottles tempered in media that have a cooling rate greater than 80% of that of water, without additives, at 20 C and subsequently tempered.

Complementary brands.

The cylinders to contain compressed gases will have, in addition to the general marks of the previous section, the following marks:

  • Load pressure (in kg/cm2) at 15 C.
  • Pressure (kg) empty, including support and collar, but without valve and cap.
  • The bottles to contain liquefied gases and ammonia dissolved in water will bear, in addition to the general marks of section 10.2, the following:
  • Maximum admissible gas load (in kg).
  • Empty weight (kg) including bracket, collar and valve, but without cap.
  • The identification marks indicated above will be stamped in an arrangement determined by agreement between the manufacturer and the customer.



The Laser as an alternative for marking compressed air cylinders:

Using laser marking , permanent markings can be made on a surface It is a very versatile technology, and can be applied to many different industries. Laser marking is a good option for personalizing objects and items made of different materials, product traceability with a reference, issue date, expiration date or barcode. Laser marking enables fast, high-quality results and good details.
Marking materials with laser has become increasingly important in recent years. Whether they are industrial production parts or exclusive custom-made or for sale parts, it is useful due to high adaptability, versatility, low cost, and many models available in LaserComercial .

All these characteristics and advantages make laser marking a clearly admissible alternative to conventional alternatives. If we compare it with traditional processes such as stamping, mechanical engraving or pad printing, laser marking has the following series of advantages:

  • Low mantainence
  • No damage to the material to be laser marked .
  • Not much experience is required by the user who wants to use the laser machine.
  • 100% guaranteed quality of laser marking .
  • Markings with any desired geometry with great versatility and adaptable in every work
  • Excellent adaptability of different processes.
  • Can be easily integrated into fully automatic finishing processes
  • Speed ​​in the process.
  • You can make very fine marks (down to 0.03 mm).

In the following video you can see how the LaserComercial laser marking machines work.


Laser Marking Machines:

Laser marking machines are laser instruments aimed at laser marking and engraving, but in some cases they even allow the cutting of some materials. This type of laser machine is perfect for the engraving and marking of all types of materials in a repetitive and fast way. These machines allow you to customize items. Through laser marking you can achieve incredible results and in a very fast way to better attract the attention of your customers. You can implement images, letters, vectors and many other types of documents or designs.

These machines incorporate a Fiber laser and the “Galvo” control technology allows marking all types of metals and plastics at an impressive speed. Laser marking achieves incredible speeds thanks to Galvo technology. Unlike CNC technology, the laser head does not have to be positioned at the point where we want to mark. Two mirrors located at a greater distance from the material are used, which rotate quickly and reach the positions more quickly. This technology allows that the head does not have to reach the places where to work, it remains fixed. It is understood by laser equipment. Full-machine marking that uses this technology to make its engravings and different types of lasers can be incorporated depending on the material we want to work with.

This makes laser machines a good solution for marking compressed air bottles and similar items with obligatory marks. If you want to know more about the LaserComercial machines and their different functions and characteristics, you can consult our catalogue.


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