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We know that times change and every year new technologies emerge with different features as alternatives to the laser system, that is why we are constantly committed to continuing to innovate to always offer you the best on the market.

Any product that is sold with a price range generally has a corresponding quality range associated with it. And when buying laser equipment at oddly low prices, it doesn’t usually take long for equipment failures or problems to occur. The offer may seem attractive because the initial costs are low. But is it safe to only think about the initial costs of the first part of the production?

Another important aspect to assess is the post-sale service to resolve any inconvenience after the moment of purchase. This service is just as important as the quality of the machine.When buying in countries where this type of machinery is usually very cheap, customer service can be complicated, due to many circumstances such as language or the distance between the company and the end customer. Many times, transmitting an incident to them can become a problem.

Unlike many companies, at LaserComercial we take care of every detail with top brand components and high quality . It is thanks to thousands of satisfied customers that we can guarantee you the best in quality and transparency.

LaserComercial against the disadvantages of cheap laser machines:

Prices are usually associated with the quality of laser machines , therefore, it should not surprise you that after buying this type of very cheap machines, they usually come defective or long-term problems appear that ultimately cause an increase in costs, to fix these problems . When the price of a laser machine is so low, it is because there is money saved in many parts of the chain.The materials with which some of these machines are made are of poor quality and the way they are stored and transported can mean that they arrive in poor condition. Because of this, LaserComercial offers you the best in quality and price so that you can purchase your laser machines at affordable prices without having to sacrifice the quality of the equipment.

Some disadvantages that we can find in cheap machines are the following:

Laser machines without the expected power.To give an example, there are many companies that usually sell their machines with a power of “1500mW” instead of “1.5W”, which amounts to the same power, but they use the one that looks bigger to make it look more powerful. There are materials like paper where a 1.5W laser can perform its function, but it would be useless compared to other materials. Another inconvenience that usually happens is that this same type of fraudulent company usually offers a certain power, and when using the machine it does not reach the expected power.

Problems with spare parts.Distance can be a problem factor when shipping replacement components. On the one hand, it depends on the number of km, this can take time to arrive, so if the part that is required is key to the operation of the laser machine, production will suffer delays during the delivery time of the products. components. On the other hand, there may be problems external to the company, such as Customs.

Pirate software.It is not usually a common problem, but there are problems associated with the software, these in some cases are usually fraudulent. That is to say, that the computer system is false, in other words, that it does not have the official licenses, which could produce many errors when trying to use them.

Low quality finishes.The cheap laser machine will be able to perform the functions for which they have been made, but the quality of the finishes will leave something to be desired. Giving it a good quality finish will make the end customer happy, give you their trust and even recommend you to other companies.




LaserComercial Machines:

We are a company with the latest in laser technology for different sectors and industries.LaserComercial is a company with a large number of customers in different countries, which confirms the preference of customers. All this speaks highly of the quality that our brand represents in the production of laser machines . Our prices are very accessible for our customers and without the need to reduce the quality of the production processes. Next, we will explain the laser machines that we have and a brief summary of their contributions.

Welding machines.Comfortable and easy to use laser machine . It has a high quality fiber laser. Laser welding machines are a good option to improve production. All the advantages of laser technology are used to join materials with different techniques. If you want to know more about laser welding machines you can check our website or open our catalog .

Cleaning Machines.The latest technology in the cleaning sector . Suitable for removing all kinds of impurities, oxides or dirt. They also allow us to perform a very precise non-contact laser cleaning . If you want to know more about laser cleaning machines you can check our website or open our catalog .

Marking machines.Equipment designed and manufactured by LaserComercial Fast, clear and quality markings . The fiber laser offers high laser marking speed and has a long service life. Allows marking all types of metals and plastics using GALVO technology. If you want to know more about laser marking machines you can check our website or open our catalog .

Engraving machines.Compact equipment for fast engravings with a Galvo system and a CO2 laser . These laser equipment have everything integrated to occupy the minimum space without losing a bit of quality. If you want to know more about laser engraving machines you can check our website or open our catalog .

Metal Laser Cutters.An innovative development in the metal industry that allows us to reduce consumption, maintenance and increases speed and quality . These are the benefits of the fiber laser cutting. Metal laser cutters allow for fast, clean cuts with high precision . If you want to know more about laser cutting machines you can check our website or open our catalog .


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