The versatility of our laser marking machines allows us to implement personalized designs on different surfaces and objects. A particular case is the application on materials as fragile as glass or crystal. Sometimes, it is required to establish permanent marks to differentiate some objects from others, laser marking is a fantastic option, to engrave glass or crystal easily and quickly.

Laser marking machines are compact equipment, with everything integrated to work comfortably. They have a plug & play system and the equipment is controlled with a simple software that can process our designs in different formats. The laser beam is focused on a material and the surface layer of the material is slightly vaporized, obtaining the desired design with a specific pattern. This process is contactless, fast and with the possibility of implementing designs with sharp details. With a fiber laser, different materials can be worked with the same machine, and it is also a respectful process for the environment, since no pollutants are generated.

Laser marking and engraving on glass or crystals

Our laser marking machines offer versatility for many types of applications. These applications are part of different industries and market sectors. Next, we will focus on materials as fragile as glass or crystals.

Glass is known to be made from liquid sand exposed to extreme temperatures and has a unique composition. At normal temperatures, glass objects are biologically inert and resistant to corrosion.

If you continue reading the article, we will explain how laser marking machines work on glass.

We can start by saying that various techniques can be used to mark or code glass. Laser marking on glass is one of the systems with the greatest potential and speed on the market without neglecting the fact that they can leave precise and clear marks. It will allow us to add a more personalized touch to crystal or glass materials such as glasses, bottles and mirrors, engraving them with texts, logos and images.


Applications and sectors of laser marking on glass or crystal:

With a laser marking machine you can easily, precisely and impressively make engravings on various objects made of various materials. In this case, we will talk about some objects that can receive a touch of personalization through laser marking, being of a peculiar texture as is the case with glass or crystal. In this way, any laser engraved glass item will become a unique and valuable object.

These applications can be the following:

Personalization Optical
Automotive industry Glass windows
Crystal glasses Crystal ornaments
Glass Bottles Cups
Jugs Jars
Glass ornaments Glass taper
Mirror Glass awards


Other applications of laser engraving and marking:

Due to the versatility of laser marking machines, this system allows us to carry out an extensive number of applications in different materials such as electronic cigarettes, casings, electronic equipment, machine identification plates, keys, locks or many other materials. With the LC-FIBER laser marking machine we can mark and engrave all kinds of designs.

Laser marking machines can offer extra efficiency to any job and achieve a wide variety of results on a huge range of materials.

Next, we will show two videos where we can see the laser marking machines in operation. The first we will see a method to check the conductivity of a metal covered by a layer of paint and the conductivity of a metal that has a laser marked part. In this case, laser technology has been used to check the conductivity of a metal covered by a layer of paint. In this way we can carry out these tests quickly and with excellent results, specifying to the maximum the mark that we want to leave on the material thanks to the precision of the laser marking.

The second video is we will see how a permanent laser marking of a QR code is carried out, thus demonstrating the versatility of the use of our laser marking machines.

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