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Using laser welding can perform a variety of jobs or applications. This is because laser welding machines are totally versatile . Laser welding is very versatile, it can be used both in very small and detailed welds, as well as in large metallic structures .

In this article, we will show you in detail how we can use LC-WELD to weld metal structures for windows and doors. We will comment on the main advantages compared to its traditional alternatives, we will tell you the reason why laser welding is the best solution when wanting to weld this type of structure. And finally we will show you two videos of our laser welding machine in operation.

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Applying laser welding on doors and windows:

The advancement of technology in the welding sector brings with it a method that will allow us to carry out many types of applications in which the manufacture of steel doors and windows is no exception.

Through laser welding we can not only offer a strong and compact joint, we also provide a very good aesthetic that is visible in the final result after welding. The opposite is the case with other old methods where, due to faults with the machines, the resistance of the welding may become insufficient.

When the doors or windows are made of steel, we can apply laser welding, this being the best option if we are looking for better finishes in a short time and without sacrificing the strength of the weld.

Due to all these characteristics and more, laser welding can be applied in, for example: electronics, automotive parts, bodywork, plating, metal furniture, some household appliance parts, among others.

Benefits of LC-WELD, our welding equipment:


Over the years, as happens in all sectors, production methods and systems have innovated and provided improvements in the characteristics of each method. LaserComercial is no exception, a sample of this is the laser welding machine.

Some of these benefits is the high productivity it offers, with a speed higher than many alternative welding methods. This is because the LC-WELD allows us to work with a wide range of speeds. The fact of being able to have a great penetration allows welding in a single pass in some materials.

The great precision of our machines allows us to do very small and detailed jobs without causing damage and obtaining resistant welds. The high penetration of LC-WELD translates into simplifying the welding process, obtaining resistant joints at a very low cost.

Laser welds have good resistance and do not present deformations that could alter the joint. Like these, there are many advantages offered by laser welding.

The laser welding machine in operation:

First of all, a basic question: how is laser welding done? As the name suggests, the work is done using a laser beam. The laser beam is guided through a mirror system in the center of the weld. This laser beam is high intensity and when focused on a spot or hole, it vaporizes or melts the work material, causing it to cool and form a strong weld.

Next, we will show you two videos where we can appreciate the laser welding machine in full operation .

If you want to see more videos about laser welding or other types of welding, you can do so on our YouTube channel , where we upload content about all kinds of applications with our laser machines.

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