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It was a great opportunity to share with the attendees of the fair, about our projects and future laser innovations. It is an event that allows us to strengthen and establish new relationships with great professionals in the industrial sector.

Without a doubt the best part of the show was the laser demonstrations, where many visitors and exhibitors were able to see firsthand how our welding, cleaning and marking equipment works with laser systems. It was totally amazing!

We will continue to do our part to always offer you the latest in laser solutions that best suit your needs. If you have any questions about future projects or questions about the show or any of our laser equipment, you can contact us using the form below and a technical expert will contact you to help you.

Here is a brief summary of what these four days at the fair have been like!

The LC Lasers team is proud of what happened at this year’s Global Industrie, it has been a unique experience in which both parties have been able to meet our objectives of strengthening and establishing new working relationships with professionals in the industrial sector.

Our team was performing laser demonstrations from March 7th to 10th at the Global Industrie at Eurexpo in Lyon, France. 

At our booth you could meet with great professionals of the sector and witness live demonstrations of our laser equipment: welding, cleaning and laser marking live!  It was a key moment to demonstrate the advantages of our laser equipment, to show the speed of their processes and the versatility with which they can work.

In conclusion, our team is very happy with the development of this event, we have been able to contact professionals from many parts of the world, industrial professionals from different companies, among other things. It will not be the last time we attend this type of fairs, for any news you can follow us on any of our social networks or ask us anything by phone or email.

Live demonstrations of our laser solutions


During the fair we were able to see first-hand live demonstrations of the operation of our laser equipment. Different examples of applications on different surfaces or products. On the other hand, we had the presence of technical experts who solved all the doubts that could arise during the process of the laser demonstrations.

It is a great opportunity to answer any questions you may have about welding, marking or laser cleaning.

If you have not yet participated in this type of fairs and you are interested in future projects of laser solutions, you can follow us on our social networks where we will be uploading all the news about future projects and fairs in which we will be present.


Thanks to all of you who came, we hope to see you at our next events! We will keep you informed.

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