About LaserComercial

LaserComercial was born in 2008 with a team passionate about the laser world. Since then, LaserComercial has been growing and innovating in different laser applications and services so everyone can find their appropriate laser solution.

LaserComercial develops, assembles, manufactures and sells laser marking, cutting, engraving, welding and cleaning equipment worldwide.

LaserComercial is committed to bringing the laser world closer to all types of industries, businesses and individuals.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, LaserComercial offers a close service with transparency and dedication:




Our technicians can advise you to choose the best laser option for your projects. 

Work areas

LaserComercial began developing and distributing laser engraving and cutting equipment of different models and powers. In a short time it expanded into other areas of laser technology such as fiber laser marking and CO2 laser engraving. Later, it opted to develop new models and systems for fiber laser cleaning and laser welding, with its own design machines and high capacities.

Understanding that the laser world is constantly changing and adapting to each circumstance, it is essential for LaserComercial to be up to date with the latest innovations and laser applications.

LaserComercial is committed to continuous innovation. We have developed and innovated with the latest generation laser marking technology in production lines, with a system adaptable to customer needs. Also, automated welding systems with Galvo technology, automatic laser cleaning systems with CNC systems and robotic laser welding systems have been implemented.

Over time, LASERCOMERCIAL has developed a technical service made up of qualified and decisive personnel. LaserComercial's technical service is one of the strengths of the entity, offering training if required and telephone or face-to-face assistance to resolve any questions or breakdowns.

In LaserComercial we also implemented an online shop of laser machines consumables. We know the importance of receiving quality spare parts in a short time when any part or consumable of a laser machine fails. We have a warehouse of products and spare parts for laser machines in stock, ready to be shipped in less than three days.

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