With laser cutting and engraving we can make prototypes, corporeal letters, trophies, stamps, key rings, furniture, lamps and many other types of objects or applications. Each sector presents a series of peculiarities and the laser cutting and engraving equipment allows these two jobs to be carried out at the same time using the same machine and program.

We define laser cutting when we want to separate the material into different pieces and laser engraving when we want to make an inscription, text or image on the material. Due to their technology and laser, they are equipments that allow cutting and engraving many types of materials. Laser cutting and engraving allow for great versatility to cover many types of jobs such as wood cutting or fabric engraving.

Clean Cut

With laser cutting, we should not hold the material and cutting only removes very little material as it has a diameter of less than 0.4mm.

Maximum Speed

The cutting speed depends on the power of the laser equipment, but it is undoubtedly faster than other systems that exist today.


With engraving and cutting laser machines we can have a very high precision that allows us to make detailed and sharp images.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Technology

The equipment for laser cutting and engraving uses a CNC system and we are going to talk about the equipment that incorporates a Co2 laser.

A computerized numerical control (CNC) system is a system with two guides that move the laser head to the desired position. Through a system of mirrors we communicate the laser beam to this head and with a lens we focus the laser on a very small point that allows the laser to cut or engrave. On the other hand, a Co2 laser is a laser that has a longer wavelength than the fiber laser and with a useful life that can reach 10,000 hours.

With this configuration of laser machines we can work a wide range of materials and have many different applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser engraving and cutting machines have advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of laser machinery



The engraving speed of laser engraving machines are slower than those using a Galvo system, in the order of 500-1200 mm / s of linear engraving, but could reach 4000 mm / s in very favorable cases. For cutting this speed is more than enough since here the limiting effect is the power of the laser.



As a general rule, laser engraving and cutting equipment has a higher maintenance than other machines, especially due to the incursion of the CNC system, this is why it is important to have qualified technical support.


Working area

These machines can have a wide range of working areas, you just have to increase or decrease the guides of the CNC system. Of course, once we have our working area, we cannot change it easily.



 These equipments generally occupy a bigger space. This means that they are less portable and maneuverable. Even so, in LaserComercial we have compact models for places where space matters.

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines


In Laser Comercial we have different types of machines for laser cutting and engraving. Each one has its own particularity.

Which is your perfect machine?

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

 In Laser Comercial we have different types of machines for laser cutting and engraving. Each one has its own particularity.

Which is your perfect machine?

Applications and Industry

Laser cutting and engraving equipment has many applications in many industries. The versatility of these machines is so great that our clients surprise us every day with new objects and applications. Here are some of the many possible applications:

Laser cutting

With laser cutting we can cut all kinds of materials and even give 3-dimensional shapes. With these laser machines we can make precise and clean cuts.

Laser engraving

Engrave trophies, logos, images, texts. They also allow the engraving of bottles, glasses or thermos for coffee. These teams are perfect to personalize your ideas and designs.


All kinds of rings, necklaces, bracelets or we can even cut thin sheets of silver, copper, gold or brass.


 With this technology we can cut all kinds of fabrics. Cut leather, jeans or engrave them to put your name.


Create corporeal letters or other types of labeling. Also cut plastic for stickers or create your own lettering designs.

Production lines

These equipments can help you improve your internal production line and create the products you have designed faster than using other systems.

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