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Everyday, laser technology has more applications in the world of industry and in this case, in the cleaning sector. Using laser cleaning you can remove dirt, oxides, coatings, paints, oils, and many more. This technology is fast and respectful with the environment. Find out more about laser cleaning!


The laser cleaning does not use chemical agents, abrasives or other types of materials that are harmful to the environment. This is why through laser cleaning you can achieve incredible results taking care of the environment that surrounds us.


Laser cleaning uses a fiber laser that can last up to 100,000 hours, which allows us to make our investment profitable in a safe way. They are robust systems that are guaranteed for lasting many years.


Laser cleaning equipment is easy to work with and allow high maneuverability. We do not need a large space or a very specific space to be able to work. In fact, they can be carried in different areas to carry out the work.

We present our cleaning laser machine on the TV program
'El Hormiguero'

 máquina de laser cleaning from LaserComercial appears on TV en el at El Hormiguero removing oxide and paint really fast. The program from Antena 3 did an experiment removing oxide and paint with the cleaning laser machine of 500W LaserComercial proving its incredible capacities that did not leave the guests and the public indifferent.

 laser cleaning machine it is capable of removing rust and dirt with surprising speed.


Laser cleaning is the process of removing unwanted material from a solid surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam, the target material heats up very quickly, so it evaporates or sublimates. It is important to say that if the surface below does not absorb energy, it remains intact.

By manipulating the laser flux, its wavelength and the length of its pulse, the amount of material that is removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled with extreme precision. Make laser cleaning equally suitable for fast and deep rust removal as it is for removing only a thin layer of paint, without damaging the base coat.

Laser cleaning machines are the most innovative and with a lot of advantages in the rust cleaning area. They clean all types of metals and other types of surfaces with incredible speed.


Laser cleaning technology works in a way that a beam generated by a laser source, communicates through a fiber optic cable to a system of mirrors (or mirror) that transmit the laser in the desired shape and configuration.

In the head there is a Galvo system which is the instrument that conducts the laser beam in one direction or another.

Setting up a laser cleaner is very simple, although you must have some prior knowledge about the thickness, width or frequency of the wave.

By using a laser fiber, laser cleaning machines have a useful life up to 100.000 hours, which made them perdect to clean during long days without having to add any replacement and without almost any mantainence.

To clean with a laser you only need a protective equipment and a laser machine, can it be easier?

Laser Cleaning Machines


Discover our range of laser cleaning machines. Simple, ecofriendly, profitable and flexible. Through our cleaning systems, improve your performance and achieve finishes that are impossible to achieve with current technologies.

Laser Cleaning Machines

 Discover our range of laser cleaning machines. Simple, ecofriendly, profitable and flexible. Through our cleaning systems, improve your performance and achieve finishes that are impossible to achieve with current technologies.

Comparison table in laser technology

There are other technologies to clean and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following table we are going to show you why laser cleaning is growing:

We can see that, although the initial investment of a laser cleaning equipment is higher than other systems, the long-term benefits are much greater. With the laser cleaning you can remove dirt from areas that with other systems would be more complex and laborious.

Thanks to laser cleaning machines we can solve problems that traditional methods cannot. The biggest difference is in its non-contact and non-abrasive process, only the laser light touches the material and through this energy, it is heated, which allows the expulsion of the material.

An important point is that the environment is an important element in our lives. Laser cleaning is one of the most respectful systems with it. No emissions, does not cause environmental pollution and waste can be recycled using filters and vacuum cleaners.


In laser cleaning machines with more power, the faster we will clean our parts. It is not the same to work with a 50W laser power than with a 500W laser. Speed in many cases is a determining factor in the final price.

The more power we have, the more work area we can clean quickly. The important thing is to know what is the ideal power for the job I have to do.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on your cleaning laser. 


Laser cleaning allows applications in many areas. With these equipment you can clean all kinds of surfaces of dirt and other elements.

Laser cleaning is the only method that performs a deep cleaning while other methods only remove some of the dirt. This type of cleaning allows you to remove pigments and polymers whereas most other cleaning systems only remove pigments but not polymers.

In the following table you can see what type of dirt we can work on:



Weld Cleaning

With laser cleaning equipment you can clean pores, remove slags and homogenize materials. Through a laser pass, it is enough to eliminate old processes such as brushes, gels, rinsing, etc ... Laser equipment can be applied on welds of steel, stainless steel and aluminum without damaging the substrate. High speeds can be achieved when preparing and cleaning welds on aluminum, making laser cleaning a very effective solution.


Through laser cleaning we can clean buildings, monuments or even sculptures. These systems have additional advantages over other conventional techniques. The diameter of the laser beam can be adjusted to have different dimensions and also there is no contact between the material and the laser machine which facilitates the treatment of fragile materials.

Eliminate Rust or Corrosion

The oxide layers respond very well to laser light and can be vaporized and removed very easily, allowing them to be prepared for later painting, welding and coating.

Industrial surface cleaning is the most popular application. Removes rust and paints, degreases, restores, etc ... One of the best known applications is in the processes and production of heavy industry.

Paint Cleaning

Using laser cleaning we can remove top coatings from paints allowing fresh new coatings to be applied on the existing base. For example a laser cleaned metal surface is ideal and ready for repainting.

With cleaning equipment there is no contact or any type of abrasive so it is not necessary to use chemicals or blasting media. That improves safety and can even be done in an automated way.

Through this laser technology we are able to remove paint from different layers instead of removing it all at once.

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