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Can we personalize objects with laser marking?
Summary: The customization of objects is in definition an added value that we can give to any object or accessory to add some extra value. This type of customization in most cases, usually increases the purchasing value of the product up to 4 or 5 times its previous...
Laser cleaning in the industrial supplies sector
Summary: When we talk about industrial supplies, we refer to all these spare parts, equipment or accessories that companies need for the maintenance or operation of their facilities or tools for different production phases. From what we can deduce that they must be in...
Laser welding applied in the automotive industry
Summary: It is essential to point out that Spain is the second largest producer of automobiles in Europe and the largest producer of industrial vehicles. In the world ranking, Spain is the eighth producer of automobiles. In fact, we are the fourth largest producer of...
Applying laser engraving in the food industry
Summary: The food industry is in charge of carrying out the processes that are related to the food chain, handling food of all kinds, shapes and quantities. This industry faces several problems, one of which is to maintain a good organization, which at first glance...
Can we engrave ceramics with a CO2 laser?
SummaryPottery is made from clay, sand, or other similar materials. The time it takes to make pottery or porcelain largely depends on the materials they are made from. Some types of common ceramics contain alumina, porcelain, zirconium, earthenware, silicon carbide,...
Why choose LaserComercial machines?
SummaryWe know that times change and every year new technologies emerge with different features as alternatives to the laser system, that is why we are constantly committed to continuing to innovate to always offer you the best on the market. Any product that is sold...
Laser marking, the main alternative in the jewelry sector
Summary:  The commercial activity of this sector focuses on the trade of all kinds of jewelry.These are items used as decoration or personal adornments. The most used materials to make this type of personal adornment are metals, whether they are precious metals or...
Laser cleaning of plate heat exchangers
Summary: Indirect heat exchangers are classified into several types, of which they can be: plate, shell and tube, spiral, among others. Usually, the type of plate is the most prominent, because it offers an excellent solution to thermal problems. Plate heat exchangers...
Laser cleaning of metal strips from wine barrels
SummaryA wine barrel is made of two components: wooden staves and steel rings, usually called hoops . The steel straps are the components that surround the barrel, ensuring the maintenance of the staves between them and protecting them during movement. In other words,...
Laser welding for stainless steel containers
SummaryStainless steel is a kind of steel with strong corrosion resistance, because the chromium or other alloy metal contained in this kind of steel has a strong affinity for oxygen and reacts with oxygen to form a passivation layer, preventing thus the corrosion of...


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