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Last news on our Blog

The Global Industrie de Lyon was a great success!
Summary: It was a great opportunity to share with the attendees of the fair, about our projects and future laser innovations. It is an event that allows us to strengthen and establish new relationships with great professionals in the industrial sector. Without a doubt...
Laser marking of iron cowbells with brass plating
Summary: The basic fiber laser marking equipment allows us to perform marking with a high level of precision on different materials and surfaces. Our equipment is easy and fast to use. It does not require a high level of specialization so that with a simple training...
Why is the industrial market adopting laser engraving?
Overview: Laser engraving has never been easier for industrial applications, whether it is to personalise specific products, protect brand ownership and have a higher level of security. What is laser engraving? It is a laser beam that physically removes a layer of...
We are proud to announce that LaserComercial has become LC Lasers.
Summary: We are proud to announce that LaserComercial is now LC Lasers. Our company always bets on innovation and evolution in our laser processes, for this reason, our welding, marking and cleaning machines are always equipped with the latest laser technology. Now it...
LC at the Global Industrie 2023
Summary: LC will be present at the next edition of Global Industrie 2023, which will be held from 7 to 10 March in Lyon. A great showcase for industrial innovation with more and more innovations, solutions and, above all, mobilisation. It is an important meeting point...
Frequently asked questions about laser cleaning
Summary: This technology is the newest development in the area of cleaning different types of surfaces or materials. LaserComercial designs and manufactures the LC-CLEAN, a high quality equipment with a series of potential advantages compared to all the traditional...
Laser cleaning, an alternative to sandblasting
Summary: In the industry there is a variety of techniques for cleaning surfaces such as facades or concrete objects. In this case we will talk about two: laser cleaning and sandblasting <<sandblasting>> . As we already know, laser cleaning is a method that...
Laser welding machine for welding windows and doors
Summary: Using laser welding can perform a variety of jobs or applications. This is because laser welding machines are totally versatile . Laser welding is very versatile, it can be used both in very small and detailed welds, as well as in large metallic structures ....
Frequently asked questions about laser welding
Summary: As you are already aware, laser welding is an emerging method, bringing a variety of advantages that many users are not aware of. That is why it is normal that doubts arise regarding its operation and characteristics. Laser welding is constantly evolving,...
Laser marking and engraving systems on glass and crystal
Summary: The versatility of our laser marking machines allows us to implement personalized designs on different surfaces and objects. A particular case is the application on materials as fragile as glass or crystal. Sometimes, it is required to establish permanent...


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