We are constantly researching, evolving and improving our laser equipment. We investigate the implementation of new automated applications. 


We want each client to find the most suitable laser equipment for their work. With the good advice of our specialists, we find the perfect solution. 


We take care of every detail to make sure your machine works 100%. Our components are top brands. 


We are a close and dynamic team that allows us to better understand the needs of our clients to provide adequate and easier advice.


Trust and transparency is the fundamental pillar to establish lasting relationships with our clients and distributors. 

Possibility of financing your machine

LaserComercial offers different financing options to be able to enjoy our laser equipment and for each client to find their most suitable payment method. Our team will explain you all the available options.

Face-to-face and remote training

LaserComercial technicians teach both face-to-face and remote training. Our clients have the option of receiving training on:

  • Machine's software
  • Machine operation
  • Management and operation of the equipment
  • Frequent asked questions

This ensures that the person who will use the machine receives the necessary instructions to get the most out of the laser equipment.

Online tutorials for our clients

We have an exclusive customer area where we are developing a video tutorial service to answer the most frequent questions about laser machines, software, maintenance and step-by-step videos to get to know the machinery in depth. Our clients can solve doubts and understand their laser machine much better in an easy and intuitive way.

Telephone and face-to-face technical service

Once the machine is in your facilities, we do not lose contact. We are at your disposal to answer any questions. From the LaserComercial offices we assist our clients by telephone to solve technical problems, breakdowns, doubts with maintenance and, if necessary, agree on a request for face-to-face technical service.

Online shop of laser consumables

online shop of laser machines consumables of Laser Comercial has dozens of high quality spare parts for different types of laser machines.

We supply the spare parts in 24-72 hours to avoid being inactive for a long time.

LaserComercial customers can enjoy a 10% discount on all products. 

Online catalogues of our products

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