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Laser welding is a welding process that, through a laser beam, can melt and recrystallize a surface or material to join and weld, usually metals or plastics. Laser welding have different possibilities to merge two types of metals With the energy of the laser in the process, the union of the worked surfaces is allowed and in this process no external material is required, although it can be added.


TIG welding can have a penetration of up to 1.5mm, while laser welding can reach up to 5mm. In addition, this type of laser welding can reach high speeds, with very fast welds. The deformation is minimal and laser welding does not require a lot of experience from the welder. Other advantages that we would highlight would be: the low generation of fumes, the possibility of working very small and detailed seams, not using consumables, eliminates the need to polish later, allows a work without discoloration and does not leave welding marks.

Laser Welding Technology

 Laser technology is very versatile, can be applied in cutting and engraving, laser marking, even in cleaning. Laser welding is increasingly present in different industries and can be used on metal surfaces, stainless steel or other welding processes in industries. It can replace traditional arc welding, electric welding, and other traditional welding processes of other materials.

The laser welding machine is designed to be easy and comfortable to use, it has an interactive integrated control system that can vary the range, angle and width of the welding, depending on the work to be done depending on the surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Welding



LASERCOMERCIAL laser welding machines have a welding speed of 0-120mm/s, a higher speed than other types of welding.


Minimal deformation

With less deformation is possible to work very small seams with a large width to depth ratio is possible.


Elimination of the grinding process

The grinding process is necessary in some welded materials with other types of welding, the elimination of this process is one of the main advantages of laser welding.


High weight

Laser welding machines are heavier than other welding equipment.

Laser Welding Machines

In LaserComercial we have different types of machines for laser welding.

Which is your perfect machine?

Laser Welding Machines

En Laser Comercial disponemos de diferentes tipos de máquinas de soldadura láser.

Which is your perfect machine?

Applications and Industry

Laser welding machines can work on different types of metal and plastics.

This type of welding allows reducing the thermal zone affected at the time of work, being able to exercise different joining techniques. Some of the most common applications are welding of stainless steel, carbon steel or galvanized steel, but laser welding can be applied in a a lot of industries since it could work, for example, the welding of certain plastics or other types of metal such as gold, silver or brass.

Laser welding machinery has great versatility, especially due to its wide range of penetration and power. Different applications of laser welding equipment could be highlighted: electronics, automotive parts, veneer, metal furniture, some parts of household appliances, tubes and pipes, metal tools, containers for different industries, food industry (machinery, packaging or blades cutting), titanium and aluminum parts ...

Penetration or keyhole welding

Some jobs require a high depth weld or welding more than one material or layer at a time. With laser welding we can perform penetration welding, since with a high power of laser beam steam is generated, apart from melting the worked material. Laser welding equipment can have higher penetration than other types of welding. In this case, a high speed is also required to open a wider and more stable keyhole, in addition, this weld will have little deformation.

Heat conduction welding

Heat conduction welding is typically used to join thin surfaces or materials. In this type of work, the surface of the metal reaches a temperature higher than the melting point of the metal, but without evaporating. In this way, two materials melt together and when cooling the welded joint can be perceived. If high weld strength is not required, this process is suitable. In this case, the heat conduction welding will not have much penetration and a welding machine with a low power laser could be used.

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